Core Lessons for Daughters

Listen, Daughters. 
                       Your name is your father's name.
His name is his father's name.
Sorry, your family name is his family name,
but family means father, anyway.
Look, don't worry.
                       It goes back centuries. Goes on the same,
forever. Never forget who paid your way.

Ignore the whispers. Where are your mothers? Blame
no one at all 
                    that you don't know your grandmother's mother's name,
her loves, her suffering. Stay
calm in the present. Do not consider the hands that baked the bread, tamed
the children, daily swept the dust away.
                                            Time well spent, and sweet floors saved. 

So, take aim,
Daughters, eye to arrow. Embrace your father's hallowed name.
Shoot down the wombs that grew you. 
                        Take up the shovel to dig their graves.

Now only one task remains. 
Break the ground at your feet. 
               Dig deep. 
This is your own damned grave.

FJ Doucet