I could see myself really “getting into organization”______
 You know?
Buy half a dozen mason jars,
Line ‘em neatly on a shelf.
Throw away my social insurance number ‘cause it don’t “spark joy”.
Throw away empty candy wrappers cause they don’t ______
worry ‘bout what I’m gonna be doing in five years ‘cause I don’t have a plan and
I won’t _________do what you wanted me to
Instead I could______
see myself really get into collecting dust.
Throw all my money at the moon_________
See elephant within stars
And try not to but maybe I’ll even
start to live a little,
Let loose!
Knock back a dozen stables in my stall,
Mental breakdowns at shopping malls________
You best believe I will
I said it now you wait.
So you run back to board meetings and your raise;
let me sit back and watch phases of the moon,
divulging all  of my inhibitions
like this___ line by Jack White that I spit
And my moon___
Said my moon consists of seven starlights
Seven castles,
Seven rooms
All intertwined,
locked up with godlike precision in my mind
And I’m “king”______but out here I’ve got
nothing but a cup of tea,
And another
And another
And if I make it to five years I’ll be drinking yet another________
And I’ve got a fist full of knuckles in my cuff.

© Judy M