Artistic Construction

Sometimes you have to drag the words
onto the page
kicking and screaming
drag them onto the page
by their hair
and beat the living snot out of them
abort the Muse
swing the umbilical rainbow placenta lexicon by the cord
smack it against the page
smear it around
like you were mopping the floor
its colourful ink
creating raw vivid stanzas
hit the words
like Rocky hits beef
pound them like Thor
cut them up like Dexter
put them back together
like a Picasso face
then put a bag of frozen peas on them
put spit and polish
put salt and pepper
put some elbow grease into them
understand your own aptitude for amplitude
of ego pops
and cut that shit at the knees
go forth naked and brave
whip the words
            make them do the lion balance on one foot
            unicycle those bitches
            on the high wire
            while the clowns scream silently from below
when you get the words working
like that
well it can be
a hell of a show.

Christian McPherson