Anthonyís Life:

I asked Jesus to take the wheel 
watched him shrug, explain in
slurred excuses that he was too drunk
didnít have a learnerís permit
my life was just a little too toxic
to dirty his fingers

but I knew this already

my confetti hands ruptured
digging through fistfuls of backhanded compliments
broken glass, teeth trying to gnaw out my spirit
I have screamed into the night 

It doesnít fucking matter
whether the glass is half empty or full
we can still drown in it

sometimes I beg for it
and when I donít
itís only because 
my voice already fake climaxed on 
apologies and ramen 
spewed from the mouths of people
who couldnít even admit we had been friends
in the biblical sense
I am whatever summation can be gathered
from the very last period-

either youíre happy itís over
or you never made it that far.

© Kathrynn Axton