you might find me
	   where The Sun Also Doesn’t Rise
	   because the sky keeps falling 
	   tripping over anxious clouds
you might find me 
	   where lightning never strikes twice
	   but more
	   sometimes often
you might find me
	   where he enters as
	   raven onlookers look on
	   say nothing, caw nothing, claw nothing
you might find me
	   between gaping sidewalk cracks
	   where heavy bootsteps
	   (step on a crack…) 
	   break the backs of even the hardiest of mothers
you might find me 
	   in the Garden with an apple
	   beside his lonely rib
	   crying tangy blood-juice or
	   bleeding tears of pulp
	   fleshy bite still stinging my lips, my tongue, my mouth, 
	   my gut - like eating a tidal wave and its moon
	   while the snake forks esses at me
you might find me
	   under the bridge 
	   with a swollen eye and a troll  
	   (seemed so nice)
you might find me
	   beneath veils, drowned by
	   words - bitch, hoe cement blocks tied to my feet 
	   no desire to reclaim

but sometimes you can find me 
	   along the fine blue line
	   where the sky kisses the sea
	   where the tired sun paints explosions into the sky 
	   or the moon winks sparkles across the water

so many places, 
just please come find me

© Kathleen Klassen