I want to get you in my kitchen.

I want to talk to you while I 

splash oil into the pan, slide

tomatoes off the cutting board and

lick my fingertip.

I want to lift you fresh rosemary

on the blade of a knife.

I want to offer you aromas,

colours, flavours, as they 

go from ingredient to dinner,

as they change and blend.

I want to spin to reach down 

something from a cupboard

with you in the room,

a source of gravity, a focus.

You can offer to help and

I can ask you to cut or peel,

crank out fresh pasta and

drop it in boiling water, or 

(it doesn’t matter as long as you’re 

in my kitchen) you can simply

sit and let me dance the meal, the 

talk, the pan steaming, 

the herbs, the dishes, the

two of us, just

get out of my living room and 

come into my kitchen

© Kathryn Hunt