Jesse Patrick Ferguson

Jesse Patrick Ferguson is a high-school principal in Cornwall, ON. He lived and studied in the capital for several years while attending the University of Ottawa. His work has previously appeared in Canadian and international periodicals like Poetry, Harper's, Grain, The Fiddlehead, Canadian Literature and Bywords. He is also the author of three books of poetry, and the editor of an anthology of glosa poems.

The Shout and the Coo
published in July 2023
At Seasonís Close
published in August 2013
Sick Sounds
published in August 2009
Emily Carr
published in March 2008
Summer Job
published in February 2007
Review: The Eternities by Marianne Bluger
published in April 2006
As You Lived (Irving layton 1912-2006)
published in January 2006
Review: Hello Serotonin by Jon Paul Fiorentino
published in July 2005
Review: Words for Trees by Barbara Folkart
published in May 2005