Kane X. Faucher

Kane X. Faucher is a continental theorist and experimental novelist living in Ottawa. His works of literary and academic endeavour have appeared this year in Exquisite Corpse, Jacobís Ladder 3, Me Three, Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities, Variaciones Borges, Hackwriters, Starving Arts, The Danforth Review, Azimute, Ink Magazine, 3711Atlantic, Zygote in My Coffee 9, Quill and Ink, Mad Swirl, BlazeVox2k4, and forthcoming in Janus Head, Tin Lustre Mobile, Jack Magazine, Defenestration and Retort Magazine. His novel, Urdoxa, will be released this autumn by Six Gallery Press. He is at work on his second and third illisible tomes, Codex Obscura and Fort & Da, as well as two book-length theory texts, Polemic as Concept and Hegel in America: The Logic of Consumption.

Lunching with the exes
published in October 2008
Dichroic: The Sand is Glass Against My Text
published in June 2004
reprinted in the Bywords Quarterly Journal Volume 2 Number 2 (Summer 2004)