Deborah Leslie Collinson

Daughter of Paul and Joan Pawliuk I'm the eldest of four children born on March 27th 1952 at the then Grace Hospital. My fathers military career and a lifestyle gave to me an understanding of the peoples along my pathway, moving from Province to Province...In 1970 as Ottawa's CFRA and Coca-Cola Ltd. Campus Queen I was given a gift of Radio Media. Subsequently I married,a career military man.So for me the journey continued residing in Canada and the Middle East as well as Europe. I'm now single and reside in a small but growing community of Comox-Courtenay (Vancouver Island) B.C. I consider the Ottawa Valley to be my home as my Brother(Richard) and Sister,(Barbara) Mom and Dad still reside in Ottawa. The poems arrived as a result of the many observations as well as Life's Lessons, some with reflections, and others current events....I have been given a gift..of which I am so grateful to be participating, so it is in the voice of thoughts my works are conceived...I am truly humbled.....May you Smile Always....and... Stay in the Light...Deborah Leslie Collinson

published in January 2004