Mahyar Mazloumi

Mahyar Mazloumi, is an Iranian-Canadian scientist, poet, translator and activist. He earned his PhD in nanotechnology at the University of Waterloo. For him, science and poetry share the same root: imagination. He has been writing Persian poetry since 1998 and has been publishing these contents on his social media pages. He was involved with lots of poetry groups and programs and has won a few awards such as the Judges Choice Award for the ultra-short poem competition of The Ontario Poetry Society in 2017 and Loh’s short story competition in Iran in 2009. During 2016-2017 he hosted a show about Persian poetry at the Ottawa Persian radio “Namashoom”. In 2018 he published his first poetry collection in English called the “Climate Change”. Mahyar also translates poetry and novels from English to Persian. He has translated from authors like Charles Bukowski, John Fante, Raymond Carver and Jose Angel Valente. Website:

published in April 2022
published in October 2020