Patricia Kathleen McCarthy

My work has been featured in Aesthetica: A Review of Contemporary Artists (UK); Lullaby Hearse (US): Image Weavers (USA); Dripping (U.K.); The Muse Apprentice Guild (U.K.); Riot Angel (U.K.); the Sound and Silence Literary Magazine (USA); Cyberwit's world anthology Voyages (India) and the Taj Mahal Review (India). I have self-published three collections of poetry, Vulgar Verse, Friction and Mounting the Bedpost, of which the third is currently sold at independent book stores in Ottawa. I was also recently interviewed live on the Namaste Show vis--vis CKCU radio in March, 2004. Presently, I am working in marketing and sales for a data communications company, which is slow torture, plain and simple. We all need something to believe in that is bigger than ourselves and for me this is writing and reading poetry - - my refuge from the technological world. My poetical influences include Walt Whitman and Pablo Neruda. I set myself a goal each week to craft at least one new poem, devoting a total of 5 to 10 hours to writing.

published in October 2004
reprinted in the Bywords Quarterly Journal Volume 2 Number 4 (Winter 2004)