Norma Elliott

Ottawa resident since moving from Newfoundland in 1975. Retired computer industry consultant. Now a lover of words who proofreads/edits on contract basis, writes short stories for fun, poetry for therapy and a novel for self-flagellation.

I come late to poetry - both to the appreciation and to the writing of it. I write only when compelled, when something takes hold of me and won't let go until I set it down on paper. I liken it to scraping something off the bottom of my shoe. I stink up the place until I get rid of it.

Dust Free (2005)
A John Newlove Poetry Award Series Chapbook.
To the moose on the 417
published in May 2003
reprinted in the Bywords Quarterly Journal Volume 1 Number 2 (Summer 2003)
John Newlove Poetry Award 2003/2004 winner