Christian McPherson

Christian McPherson was born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1970. He is the author of nine books, Going Fly (coming from Now Or Never Publishing, fall, 2018), One Poem, Saving Her, My Life in Pictures, Cube Squared, The Sun Has Forgotten Where I Live, The Cube People (shortlisted for the 2011 ReLit Awards), Poems that swim from my brain like rats leaving a sinking ship, and Six Ways to Sunday (shortlisted for the 2008 ReLit Awards). He has a degree in philosophy from Carleton University and a computer programming diploma from Algonquin College. He is married to the beautiful Marty Carr. They have two kids, Molly and Henry. They all live together in Ottawa.
I Open
published in July 2019
Mad Hatter
published in July 2018
Artistic Construction
published in January 2018
Modern Humour for the Dopamine Challenged
published in September 2017
Bench Pressing God
published in May 2015
If the shoe fits. . .
published in January 2013
published in February 2011
published in July 2009
published in March 2007