Myrna Rootham

I have lived in Canada and in Hong Kong and am currently living in Ottawa. I prefer the imaginary settings I create to the real world, and I like to connect the very scattered dots of my perception of the world together into narratives , or poetry that conveys a clear and somewhat logical sequence. I have published poetry with McMaster University Press and short fiction with State University of New York. Ober the years, I have largely published technical educational documents and tales to help littl'uns learn to read. I have begun the agonizing release of my private thoughts,submitting three completed novels, many short stories and very many poems I have written over the years and have had one novel in consideration with Borealis Press in Canada. My interest in music took me to Germany where I finished research on a humorous biography of Franz Liszt entitiled The Surrealiszt. I have also completed a series of humorous short stories entitled Conversations in the Ladies Room. I am currently working on a generational novel centred around a mission in Labrador.

On Wittgenstein's "Beetle in a Box"
published in July 2012