Fiona Mitchell

Fiona is a poet and lover of words from Ottawa, Canada.She has read her poetry at the student run reading series “Grounds for Break Up”and has presented her poetry as part of a national youth anti-bullying, anti-homophobia conference "Dare to Stand Up", presented by Jer's Vision. She is heavily influenced by the slam and spoken word poetry scene in her home town. Having a background in ancient Greek and Roman history, she strives to integrate classical themes and concepts into pieces dealing with issues of modernity. Also drawing on her knowledge of ancient Greek language and Latin, she enjoys using anciently rooted words and phrases in conjunction with contemporary English and slang. She has traveled, lived, worked, and been educated around the world in countries such as: Japan, Thailand, England, France, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, and Honduras. She is constantly inspired by the world around her and is amazed how words, in any language, can connect humanity.

making ambrosia tea
published in January 2013