Editor’s Notes

Dear Readers,

Hope you enjoy the September issue of Bywords.ca, featuring the poetry of Carol A. Stephen, Colleen Pellatt and changming yuan.

We're still finalizing the fall Bywords Quarterly Journal and the upcoming reading. If you're on Facebook, please join the Bywords.ca group where you'll receive regular updates about events and calls for submission.

One event that we've been participating in every year since 2003 is AIDS Walk Ottawa, a walk to raise money and awareness for people with HIV/AIDS. This year's walk takes place on Saturday, September 20, 2008, sign up at 6pm and walk at 7pm. You can sponsor or join the Ottawa Writers & Friends Team.

The fall is shaping up to be as vibrant and vivacious as ever with pre Writers Festival events, the actual festival itself and other readings surrounding the festival. I hope to see you.

Thanks to this month's selection committee:

Andrew Faulkner, Stéphanie Lafleur, Megan McGrath, Leigh Nash, Pearl Pirie, and Victoria Vernell.

If you have comments, questions or interesting vodka drinks, please e-mail me at editor@bywords.ca.

Amanda Earl