Editorís Notes

Greetings readers,

Our July issue features poetry by three writers, two local and BC poet who has had poems published in the Bywords monthly magazine, and a review of Monty Reid's latest chapbook, "Garden" (Corrupt Press, 2011) by rob mclennan. I hope you enjoy the issue.

I am pleased to announce that Bywords has received its 2012 funding from the City of Ottawa. We are grateful that the City continues to support us and has provided 10 years of funding to our endeavour. Because of the City's investment, we are able to continue as a volunteer organization with all of our money going to support artists, writers and musicians and production costs with not a penny toward overhead or administration fees.

On July 15, the day this issue goes on line, we are holding the launch of the summer Bywords Quarterly Journal at Collected Works. Five readers from the issue will read and we will also enjoy the music of Neil Gerster.

Part of our duties for Bywords is to drop off copies of the Bywords Quarterly Journal to a few local stores. The first place we also go is Mother Tongue Books. On July 20, the well-loved bookstore and Ottawa South community focal point will be closing its doors. We appreciate all the support Mother Tongue has given to Bywords and to the entire literary community. Thanks to Evelyn and Laura for their friendliness and helpfulness to Bywords for the last ten years. We wish them well in their future endeavours.

Thanks to our selection committee:

Janie Beriault
Gwen Guth
Pamela Mosher
Kemisha Newman
Claudia Coutu Radmore
Sarah-Grace Ross
Carol A. Stephen
JC Sulzenko

If you have comments, questions, suggestions or shady trees and cool breezes to offer, please e-mail me at amanda@bywords.ca

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Amanda Earl