Editorís Notes

Hello Readers,

July features three men: David Emery, Robert Michael Evans and rob mclennan. I almost want to call this issue our out-of-town issue, since one of the poets lives in France and the other two are about to leave Ottawa. Emery is off to the University of Toronto to do his masters, while mclennan will be leaving for a full academic year at the end of August for a Writer-in-Residence position at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Someone else who is leaving town is Nicholas Lea, who is off to New Brunswick in the fall. You can catch Nick and rob reading at "an evening of departing poets" on July 28 at the Carleton Tavern, along with staying-here poet, Marcus McCann.

There are probably other writers leaving Ottawa, most of them students who have finished their degrees and are off to exciting possibilities. I'll be sad to see everyone go but recognize that this is part of the natural evolution of things. May they all do great things and make us proud.

One great thing about Bywords is even if you leave town, you can still keep in touch by reading the poems every month, and checking out the various events, news and links.

Our team is made up of people who are not all living in Ottawa. Currently selector Megan Rennie is in New Zealand and Melissa Upfold is in Sarnia, Ontario.

I hope that Bywords reaches people in all parts of the world who have fond memories of Ottawa and that it contributes to a sense of nostalgica. It's a wonderful city with talented writers.

Another way to keep in touch with the city and its writers, current or former, is to pick up a copy of the Bywords Quarterly Journal, either through subscription or via individual copies. You can do so through our on line store, using Paypal.

I'm excited about this quarter's BQJ, which features the writing of Stephen Brockwell, cb forrest, Anne Ledressay, Kate Marshall Flaherty, K.L. McKay, Sean Moreland, and Mark Sokolowski, and the photography of local photographer Scott Doubt. We launched the issue on the 15th with music by John Carroll and a host of poets featured in the BQJ and the summer quarter of Bywords.ca. Stay tuned for Catharine Carroll's report of the festivities in next month's issue.

This month also includes a great article by local writer and activitist, F.C. Estrella about the recent Ottawa Small Press Fair in June and the plight of the small press industry. It's an excellent read with some food for thought. You'll find it in the Local Scene section.

Lastly, I'm pleased to announce that the City of Ottawa has given Bywords its funding for 2007. I can't thank the City enough for continuing to support us. We have a lot of exciting projects to come. Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support.

Our selectors this month who deserve a big hug, a big beer and a big piece of cake are

Kelly Clarke, Marcus McCann, Kemisha Newman, Megan Rennie, Melissa Upfold, Victoria Vernell, and Betty Warrington-Kearsley.

If you have comments, questions or a beach holiday to send me, you can find me at editor@bywords.ca or at an upcoming reading.

Amanda Earl