Welcome to Bywords.ca and Happy New Year!

Since Bywords ceased publication in 2001, many of you have expressed disappointment, and encouraged us to bring Bywords back. Thanks to your support, we have decided a resurrection is in order.

Recently in Ottawa, poetry has witnessed a renewal. Readings are well attended, websites are being created or updated, and there are small presses springing up everywhere. What we have been lacking, though, has been a venue specifically for Ottawa poets, especially emerging poets. Our webzine and quarterly journal will attempt to be that venue.

Our mission is to be the focal point for Ottawa's poetry, and to provide citizens and visitors with a central site linking to Ottawa's poetry and literary community. Through our regular monthly printed and web-based calendar of events, we want to make sure that literary enthusiasts don't miss an event because they weren't informed of it.

Over the coming months, you will notice changes and updates to the site as we find our way. We have plans to add reviews of local poetry and descriptions of the literary events we attend. We would appreciate your comments and suggestions for improvement. Please e-mail me any time.

The selection committee for January 2003 included Steve Artelle, Erin Gouthro, and Christal Steck. Thanks to all of you for your review of the poems and for adapting quickly to our snazzy hi-tech selection method.

Finally, we need dedicated volunteers to turn our vision for Bywords into reality. If you are a hard-working, poetry lover who wishes to volunteer, please e-mail volunteers@bywords.ca

We look forward to being part of Ottawa's vital and vigorous literary community, and to being inspired by the brilliantly talented poets of Ottawa.

Amanda Earl, Managing Editor, editor@bywords.ca