Editorís Notes

Dear readers,

This month we feature poetry by four poets, one of whom we've published before, and reviews of two books: local poet Tony Cossier's Cariollonneur (Penumbra Press, 2012) and New Theatre by Susan Steudel ( Coach House Books, 2012). Enjoy!

Celebrate National Poetry Month with a plethora of poetry readings organized by the A B Series, the Dusty Owl, the Ottawa International Writers Festival, the Tree Reading Series. Please consult the Bywords.ca calendar of literary events for more information.

Two of our Bywords published poets are having readings this month: Sonia Saikely, who is reading from her latest poetry collection, "Turkish Delight, Montreal Winter" on April 21 at the Dusty Owl Reading Series, and Christian McPherson, who is launching his third poetry book, "My Life in Pictures," fittingly at the Mayfair Theatre on April 20. On behalf of Bywords, I congratulate both of these poets and am very pleased to have published their work through the years.

If you are a current or former Ottawa resident, student or worker, I hope you'll send us your poems for consideration in an upcoming issue of Bywords.ca, which goes live on the fifteenth of each month. Please review the guidelines and send us your work.

Thanks to our selection committee:

Janie Beriault
Gwen Guth
Beth Ann Hubbert
Pamela Mosher
Kemisha Newman
Claudia Coutu Radmore
Sarah-Grace Ross
Carol A. Stephen
James Stuckey
JC Sulzenko

If you have questions, comments, or a long conversation over a pint of beer or a pot of tea to offer, please contact me at amanda@bywords.ca.

And remember to buy poetry this month. Visit the sites of local publishers above/ground press, AngelHousePress, Apt. 9 Press, BuschekBooks and Chaudiere Books, and Oberon Press to select from their poetry titles.

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Amanda Earl